"There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot."
- Wendell Berry, Remembering

Theta Healing

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"When solving problems, dig at the root instead of just hacking away at the leaves."

Theta Healing is an energy-based modality where the practitioner enters into the Theta brainwave state through a specific technique and connects with Universal Source. Upon determining the core issue, the practitioner then energetically uproots the core belief blocking the realization of your dreams and replaces the old belief with a new belief that is more in line with your desired manifestation, resulting in a more balanced life that supports you in achieving your desires. In many cases physical problems have healed as a result of core belief work.

THETA HEALING   What you can expect

The client must be hydrated in order for me to get clear answers during the session that includes muscle testing. It’s recommended that the client drink at least 16oz of water prior to the session. There will be water provided during the session if further is needed.

The client is invited to bring with them a list of issues that he or she wants to work on. I will be in contact with the Creator during the session and with your permission I enter into your space to hear/see what the core issues are. I will then begin to work on the problem with the client by asking questions that I get from the Creator to ask them during the session. As I’m asking the question I will be muscle testing the person for yes or no answers.

Depending on the question and answer, I dig deeper with more questions until I get to the core. I then work as a conduit with the Creator to clear the issue. The clearing is done from the pineal gland which is located in the crown area of the head. This is where all the changes and information takes place. It’s all energy based and some may feel the energy, some may feel just lighter, it depends on the person. It's been my experience after each session, to see the major shift that has taken place with clients where their eyes are shining and skin glowing.
This modality can be done via telephone. The muscle testing is done differently but I do get the same results.


Four Levels of Core Beliefs (Pulled from all levels)

1. Core Level – which is what we are taught and accept from birth.

2. Genetic Level – which is carried over from our ancestors that was added to the DNA/Genes in this lifetime that you're in.

3. History Level – memories from past lives we’ve lived or collective consciousness experiences that we carry into the present- that must be resolved and not pulled.

4. Soul Level – is all that the person is, their very essence.


I have found Theta Healing extremely powerful in helping me let go of old sub-conscious beliefs and thought patterns, beliefs I had without even being conscious I was holding onto from my parents’ upbringing and my childhood. Theta healing has empowered me to move forward! With much Love and Light, (and deep appreciation for all you do!) Nargess

Regine Vavasseur is a talented, skilled, and accurately intuitive Theta Practitioner. I have been working with Regine for the past couple of years and the results have been fabulous. Several times we have had sessions at key points in my healing process, creating an acknowledgement and release of old patterns and deep seated belief systems that were holding me back from manifesting my hearts desires. Her unique combination of Theta and Angel Therapy have been very effective for me. Kayci M.

Regine performs her amazing technique on everyone who needs it and it’s like nothing you have every experienced before. You walk away with a healing and a new awareness. Leo

I have been enjoying the results Regine and Theta Healing have brought to my life. Regine has helped me to keep moving my energies in the directions I want. This is a great way to keep it all flowing! Tammy

Regine is a powerful conscious channel of healing, truth and Spirit revealed divine wholeness. I experienced immediate energetic shifts in sessions I had with her. Terlyn

My name is Magdalena in March 2009 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer due to the ultrasound, which showed a hard abdominal mass. I was told to have a CT or MRI to see my ovaries pelvis and my abdomen my CT showed that I had 3 tumors 2 inside my uterus coming out to my vagina (20-22 and 20-26 centimeters) I heard them saying behind the curtains, that my CT showed ovarian cancer, but to be sure they needed the opinion of an expert (Oncologist) that the sizes of my tumors were to big and cancerous one of them even told me that my chances to live were zero no more than 3 to 4 months the doctor that was in charge of the department ordered biopsies they were only able to biopsy 2 of the 3 tumors and a pap smear. I have been going to see Regine since last year. I even took her classes. Naturally, I asked her to please work on my health problem and to only focus on my tumors the healing therapy was so powerful that as she worked with me I felt it in my pelvic area especially in lower left area. It felt like it was being pulled out and leaving my body. I’m not sure how to explain it but I was felt it working. I went back to see the result of the 2 biopsies and they were negative. The doctors were in shock they didn’t understand why I did not present any discomfort not even pain. For the remaining tumor outside my uterus and my left ovary, I had to go to see the oncologist. I continued Theta Healing with Regine to finish the healing process. People around me look at me with amazement always asking me are you ok? I always say, yes thanks and they all say whatever you are doing keep doing seem to be working. I thank you Regine!

Pricing for Theta Healing:

Theta Session $148.00 60 minutes  
Theta Session .$188.00 90 minutes  
Package of 3 Theta Sessions ..$444.00 90 minutes each  

Cancellation Policy
If you fail to keep your scheduled appointment without an advance 24 hour courtesy call, a cancellation fee of half of the session will apply.