"There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot."
- Wendell Berry, Remembering

Reference Point Therapy

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Reference Point Therapy (RPT), is a consciousness cleaning tool that allows us to clear and release trauma almost instantly and from it's point of origin.

Why point of Origin?  There are at least 2 reasons.  First, if it's not cleared from the point of origin, the trauma seems to re-generate itself.  Secondly, the point of origin is almost never at that horrific event we refuse to remember.  It's much earlier – the one tiny first domino that was the reference point for a particular pattern of traumas.  And like the one tiny domino, it has the ability to topple/instigate even  larger instances of this trauma pattern.

To see the picture fully, imagine one tiny domino, a speck really, that falls forward into another domino that is larger than itself.   That domino falls forward into a slightly larger domino and on and on until that tiny speck has toppled a huge domino many times it's size.

So it is with the past traumas that are the specs creating the time bombs of trauma patterns we are born with.  Pre-birth traumas become the faulty reference points that are the destructive negative paint brushes that stubbornly create our current realities regardless of our attempts at change.  When you clear traumas that happened pre-birth (whether from the birth process or from ancestral inheritance), you also clear the trauma present on experiences in this life.  Which is why you never have to talk about abuse to let the trauma be released.  The instigating trauma was much, much earlier, much smaller and much easier to clear.  Clearing that trauma almost always significantly impacts all of the later traumas.  Releasing that past trauma also releases all the beliefs that were associated with it.

The only catch is when we are truly getting something out of the experience (like attention, or support or sympathy) and want to hold onto it. The RPT practitioner gently guides you through the session asking questions and getting to the emotion behind it, clearing the emotion behind it and in some cases takes you down your family tree or soul or past lives if it began there and upon clearing  the trauma/issue clears. At the close of the session the client has a the feeling of burdens lifted or just an overall lightness of being.

What you can expect in a Session

The client is invited to bring with them just what they would like to release.  We set an attention on what they want to heal.

During the first 15 minutes we are discussing what is going on with the client.  I connect to the clients vibration and as I'm asking questions and asking them to feel in to the various statements that come up with them.  The goal is to get to the underlying emotion which is the trauma pattern we are seeking to release. If they get stuck I ask them to place their hand on their heart and feel into it.  If they experience discomfort  somewhere on their body, I ask them to place their hand on the spot and feel into and tell me what they are feeling. I pay close attention to the answers, as I'm writing down what their responses are.

I continue with the regression till we get to the bottom trauma.  I ask them to measure the feeling on it from and pick a number between 1 and 10. 10 being the worse feeling/energy.  I then ask them to imagine the lineage of both parents. I them ask them with the bottom trauma where the energy is, which parent it  is, it can be one or both. Once determining this I ask them to set an intention to "Allow this to Released".  I also go down the list and release any association between the bottom trauma and all the other feelings that led us to the bottom trauma.  When this is finished I repeat the number they gave me and usually it's a lot lower that what we started with.  If it isn't a zero I ask them how this serves them to hold on to it.

I continue with this process till I bring it down to zero.  With this method many beliefs are sometimes stored in one trauma. Once it is released so does the pattern that may have plagued a person for many years.  The person feels completely changed and free.

Pricing for RPT:

Single RPT Session $148.0060 minutes 
Single RPT Session .$188.0090 minutes 
Pkg. of 3 RPT Sessions..$444.0090 minutes each 

Cancellation Policy
If you fail to keep your scheduled appointment without an advance 24 hour courtesy call, a cancellation fee of half of the session will apply.