"There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot."
- Wendell Berry, Remembering

What Is An Angel Walkabout™?

Hello ... 

I am Regine Vavasseur, the creator of Angel Walkabout™.  Watching the above "short" video is a wonderful introduction to the  experience and treasures that you will receive when you join me on a Walkabout.  The actual origin of Angel Walkabout™ is a spiritual happening in itself.

All came into being through hearing the word “Journey” as I was cooking dinner one evening. Being used to angelic guidance, I immediately asked, "am I to take people on journey/walks?" The answer was yes, I sat on it a bit and two weeks passed and I heard "make the flyer" which I did and I had my first walk,  then others followed.

Angel Walkabout™ is the walk that brings you back to you. During this walk you will let go of the shackles of life’s issues allowing you the time to nurture yourself and your soul. In doing this you become more in tune with the innate spirit that is within you. By stepping up and taking this journey you concentrate on nature and all that it can bring to your world.  This enables you to let go and step into your greatest potential.  Many miracles have come into fruition by communing with nature. When you listen to that still small voice within you are ultimately lead to your greater good.

Park Siting on Tree 0088

Sacred Tree Exercise & Meditation

Ariel nature

Archangel Ariel, The Angel of Nature.

park facing ocean hands up0074

A Connection with Spirit & Self ... A Sense Of Peace

There is a series of exercises that are tailored to specific locations that will take place during the walk, below is an example.

  • An opening prayer to bring in your ancestors to walk with you, along with the Archangels and Fairies.
  • The group, which can vary in size from 2 to 8 people, is led during the walk to the perfect tree setting where we do the sacred tree exercise/meditation with the Fairies.
  • As we progress along to an ideal setting the group is guided to journal. 
  • The walk concludes with a manifestation exercise with Archangel Ariel, the angel of nature and also bringing in the angels of the north, east, south and west.  Ending with energetic manifestation downloads.
  • You'll leave with a great deal of weight lifted , a sense of peace, and a true connection with Spirit.

You may join me for a walk in several locations.   To see more detail on each location click here.   Currently walks are scheduled for  Palos Verdes, CA, Santa Cruz Islands and in and around the Santa Monica Mountains (Pacific Palisades, Malibu).   Click here to see all pricing.
Here are some testimonials from those who have had an Angel Walkabout™ experience!



I went on an Angelwalkabout with Regine on the trails above Malibu, it was spectacular! It felt like I was lifted into a magical, mystical, enchanted forest. The sessions that Regine led me through with my Spirit Guides were truly uplifting and fulfilling. I traveled onto a higher spiritual level. My life has made a huge transformation for the better. Thank you so much Regine from the bottom of my heart and soul. Lucy P.

IMG_1290Thank you Regine for your willingness to share your expertise in creating a spiritual experience for my group. During the walk we were guided beautifully and lovingly with wonderful exercises. I enjoyed the journey and the opportunity to have my close friends all together with me. With the warmth of love,  Deborah C.

IMG020I recently was guided on an Angelwalkabout by Regine. The walk took place in Palos Verdes. We started the walk by calling in my ancestors to walk with me and it was an amazing and beautiful experience. As the ancestors spoke to me I was guided to draw a mandala. I was also given very powerful messages to forgive past hurts. I saw Lizards and Hummingbirds which are totems that have special meanings for me. We then walked down to the beach where I did the surrender exercise. This was very effective and healing for me. I highly recommend that you go for a Sacred Journey with Regine. You will receive exactly what you need to move forward. Maria-Magdalena

CIMG0081 (1)Angelwalkabout was a perspective on how Life works in the large picture. The main lesson here was how open and flexible I was for the walk and most importantly that I wanted to enjoy it!  So, as I started with that attitude I decided to trust that guidance as we approached unexpected areas. Excitement of the new and then the experienced paths was the thrilling excitement of the moment, that’s how we can live our larger journeys, isn't it?   Gloria B.