"There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot."
- Wendell Berry, Remembering

Regine’s Story

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Regine Vavasseur is my gift that I gladly share and I am thankful to the Universe for the healing my clients have received and look ahead with quiet anticipation to provide relief to more individuals in need. 

Just as a harp is a medium for musical notes as it is strummed, I am a medium through which the healing energy of the Universe flows; I know that this energy is a part of my oneness with Universal Source. I simply tap into your Universal energy that is all a part of you and through various modalities, soothing your soul and relieving your pain.

I was born and raised in The City of the Angeles.  As a Cancerian I was very sensitive and sometimes felt not a part of it all being a child of mixed races.  I came to understand in later years that I was an indigo child and I grew up with insecurities and the emotional pain of racial confusion.

As a young adult I joined the work force doing what was expected of me and I thought I would work and retire in the usual way; fascinated with fashion I modeled on the west coast and in New York over a 15 year period.  While in NYC I became aware spiritually which led me to the Science of Mind Church where I took various classes that piqued my interest in the spiritual realm. I eventually decided to return to Los Angeles to be with family where I then tucked away my portfolio and accepted a position in the corporate world.

Though working in a corporate environment was the foundation of my day to day living I continued my spiritual journey. As a member of the Agape International Spiritual Center I heard many messages about being on purpose and I began to wonder “what was my purpose?”  After becoming fascinated with Angels and their participation in human existence I took the first exciting step toward my purpose by completing courses led by Dr. Doreen Virtue to be certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner.  Along the way I learned and became proficient in Theta Healing, Reference Point Therapy & IET.

Much later this led to a larger angel awakening of angelic walks, also an insightful energetic down load which I was told to call, Angels Light Therapy and that all of my additional modalities would fall under this wonderful umbrella.
Angels Light Therapy brings you wonderful insightful journeys and it encompasses:

  • Angelwalkabouts
  • Angel Therapy
  • IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)  
  • Heavenly Angel Readings
  • Theta Healing
  • Reference Point Therapy (RPT)

Thankfully, I've come full circle in my life and I now know what fulfills me and brings me happiness.  I look forward to being of service to my clients and helping them to be on purpose with their lives.  Please contact me to learn more about how Angels Light Therapy can bring you inner peace, heal old wounds, and enable you to walk your path with peace and joy by dialing 310-316-1284 or via email at,

Angel Blessings!